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Living in survival mode is an experience of feeling stuck and frustrated in a world of conflict and loss. If you have found yourself at a crossroads, needing to change your direction in life, know that understanding, warmth, resonance, and support are available to you. No one needs to live stuck in repeating patterns that were imprinted on their being. Change is possible - thriving can be your reality.


Gloria Lybecker will guide you towards safety and security in order for you to develop and expand your voice in the world.

Come home to yourself with a feeling of acceptance and belonging.

Somatic-Empathy Coaching

In personalized sessions with Gloria, the focus is on healing energy, depth empathy, and YOU.


Explore the numerous paths to reclamation, healing, and depth empathy processes with somatic coaching.

The Amygdala has No Sense of Time

Our bodily systems hold the memories of traumatic events forever until we reclaim the moments when we were overwhelmed with attuned and resonate presence. 

Relationship with horses is an incredibly effective approach to this reclamation.

We slow down both your inner and outer experiences, mindfully checking in with your body noticing any sensations and/or impulses to move.

When there is a relational neuroscience concept that may strengthen your internal compassionate self-witness, Gloria will ask if you would enjoy hearing about it.

Relational Neuroscience

and Communication Institute

Learn more loving ways of relating to ourselves and others.

Gloria's courses will help you develop more flexible, authentic and effective models of communication and leadership in our families, workplaces, and communities.
Gloria Lybecker's work focuses on how we hear and understand one another, effective ways to connect hearts, and developing flexibility, responsiveness, and clarity.
Gloria teaches relational neuroscience and communication at the college level and is available for speaking engagements and to teach on-location.

Online Course Offerings

In-Person Training

Gloria teaches classes and workshops focused on learning and using resonant language to transform the brain and heal trauma.  

She brings together depth work and self-compassion that integrate Relational Neuroscience with the healing potential of Nonviolent Communication's verbal and non-verbal empathy.

As people learn about themselves with warmth, resonance, and understanding, they are freed to find their own way to healing and the natural expression of who they were born to be. The essence of this work is thru the experience of being accompanied, we learn to resonate with ourselves and others. Our foundational, essential selves are released from implicit entanglements. We are supported to be as integrated and complex as we were created to be.


Working with Gloria, you will be astonished by the self-compassion that arises from understanding how language and resonance:

  • changes our brains

  • heals trauma

  • restores choice

  • gives you a solid foundation to build on

Equine-led Growth and Healing

All programs are facilitated by Gloria Lybecker and her trained assistants unless otherwise indicated.


The programs below are hands-on, non-riding, and no experience needed.

Therapeutic Listening

Work virtually with an equipment lease agreement or utilize the in-person options.

iLs (Integrated Learning Systems) has a global effect on the brain and central nervous systems.  As a result, iLs is successfully implemented for a wide variety of conditions:


  • Learning difficulties, reading, auditory processing

  • Attention & regulation

  • Sensory processing

  • Speech & Language

  • Neuro-developmental difficulties such as Autism



SSP, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, is a five-day intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience.

In Person

The Healing You Sanctuary is Located in Spokane, Washington


Gloria Will Send you a Zoom Link - Connecting Online is Fun and Easy

Over the Phone

All Questions are Welcome.

Crisis Services are available to those living on a limited income. 

Healing You Sanctuary

Become aware of your Whole Being – mind, body, emotion, and spirit.


Gloria facilitates resonant language empathy, unconscious contract, sacred vow work, time travel empathy and other modalities to support growth and healing.


Phone: 509-876-1802

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