Kids and Horses

Equine Facilitated Learning, Coaching, and Healing

Programs are Held at The Healing You Sanctuary in Spokane, Washington

Mini Horses for the miniature population!

​​Children thrive in dependable, stable, routines where they can learn to count on certain activities to be repeated weekly. Having a tranquil place to be each week where they can trust they matter and make sense is in itself very healing.

Each session begins reviewing the safety rules at Healing with Horses Sanctuary:
  •  Next we check-in using feelings and needs - cards with pictures which help children identify what they are experiencing.  

  • Kids can touch, groom, paint, play make believe and "dress up" their horse friend, or practice leading the minis around the corral.

  • The mini's love to play games with children & that greatly builds the children's confidence around all the animals here at Healing with Horses Sanctuary.

These are hands on, non-riding programs, no experience needed. All programs are facilitated by Gloria Lybecker and her trained assistants unless otherwise indicated.

"Both my boys, who are identical twins, are sensory kiddos. That means that if they are giving too much info at once or they are in a situation that is overstimulating for them, then their bodies & brains can’t process everything in a positive way.

Gloria offered the opportunity to utilize animals, particularly horses, as a method to help the boys learn to control their bodies & teach them life skills for handling difficult & many times, overwhelming situations. We’d start with checking in on the feelings board; with visuals to help them match feelings with pictures. Then, a quick review of the rules when they’re around horses, before heading over to see Gloria’s mini horse. The boys petted, groomed, painted & practiced leading her around the corral. They played games with her & that greatly built their confidence around animals & unfamiliar situations. I think, too, watching Gloria’s 3 cats hanging out with the mini helped them as well. Here were these small animals interacting with a much larger animal without any fear or trepidation.

We also would go see her full size horses. Just petting them through the fence & interacting with them that way, helped the boys gain confidence & learn to settle their bodies. They learned, while working with Gloria, how to handle different feelings that would come up.  Exploring the farm was so beneficial for their well-being. They visited the chickens, petted the cats, learned to listen to instructions, learned to work in tandem with the mini, while navigating an obstacle course. They saw her big black running around in his corral & witnessed how powerful he could be, kicking up his back feet; and on the flip side, how gentle he could be, letting them pet his nose & talking softly to his ears.

Healing with Horses has helped my little guys become more confident, stronger in their physical core, more in tune with what their feelings are telling them & exposed them to an amazing environment that they had never experienced before. I’m so thankful that I happened across her when I needed help for my boys."

K. L., Spokane, WA

Kids Registration
Please tell us what you would like your child to gain from this program.

What attracted you and/or your child to learning with horses?

What, if any, are the challenges or obstacles your child has that may interfere with achieving these goals?

Is there anything else you’d like me to know about your child, before we begin our journey together so that they can enjoy this program as much as possible?

We’d like to build a culture of safety, trust, and belonging so that all participants can experience the most supportive environment possible.


Please consider what requests your child might have of a group that will support them to experience more safety, trust and belonging.​

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Crisis Services are available to those living on a limited income. 

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