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Apprenticeships are held at the Healing with Horses Sanctuary in Spokane, Washington

Partner with Horses for Emotional Growth, Learning, and Healing

Consider The Healing Herd Apprenticeship for your next step!

Before entering the program, it is essential that participants have experience with horses and supporting people, though Gloria is flexible on what kinds of experience you have.


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Do you resonant with the principle that “We cannot heal one species at the expense of another”? Do you believe every voice matters in the world, and that both horses and humans need to give consent and choice in the process?

The equine-facilitated growth and healing model that underpins Gloria Lybecker's work is an evolving collaboration with Ingrid Gunby of Potent Coaching in Rangiora, New Zealand. 


This unique blend of relational neuroscience, somatic-based practice, and non-violent communication is underpinned by an absolute commitment to honoring the horses as sentient beings and equal partners.

Ingrid and Gloria are keen to share this model with people who would like to bring horses into their work supporting others - for example, as counselors, therapists, nurses, social workers, educators or coaches. 

The Healing Herd Apprenticeship Program

The Healing Herd is a one-year apprenticeship program that combines professional development with deep personal growth and healing. It's designed for people who already have experience with horses, and experience supporting other people (for example, as a counselor, therapist, nurse, social worker, educator or coach), who are wanting to explore how they might bring horses - or horse wisdom - into that work.​

All applications to join the apprenticeship program will be considered on their own merits: we are flexible on exactly what kinds of experience people have with horses and with supporting others, but it is essential that you have some before entering the program.


It is also essential that you are committed to developing an approach to horsemanship that honors the horse as an equal partner and is not based on a dominance paradigm.

"This program was more than about just learning, it was about nurturing a sense of wholeness and trust within this group.  There is a sense of closeness that comes with knowing others see you and exhibit a sense of understanding.  It was also about celebrating differences, that it is not about creating a carbon copy of the facilitator, but of taking what one is learning and creating something that is unique to you. 


This program has allowed me to release the familiar story of “doing it right”.  This quote by Rumi, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I'll meet you there,” really describes what it was like to be a participant in The Healing Herd Program."


- Ruth Crea

 Graduate of the Healing Herd

Horses have an amazing power to heal and to teach.

They offer unconditional relationships, experience a wide range of feelings,
and provide immediate, honest, observable feedback
in response to our interactions with them.




An Opportunity to Experience How We Work

The two-day Healing Herd Introductory Workshop suitable for anyone who's curious about equine-led growth and healing, whether you are considering the full-year program or not. If you are thinking of enrolling for the full-year program, however, and haven't attended one of our workshops before, we strongly recommend that you attend this workshop first - please contact us if you would like to discuss this.

What will you gain?
  • Trust in yourself.

  • Compassion and truth telling with yourself and others.

  • A deeper understanding of how to create relationships rooted in integrity.


We will work with you to determine a payment schedule or partial scholarship options. Please call Gloria for more information.

Next Workshop is April 6 - 7, 2019
Registration and Payment Due - Mar 30, 2019
April 27 - 28, 2019 

Registration and Payment Due - April 20, 2019


  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

  • $300 fee for this 2-day workshop.

  • $150 nonrefundable deposit to reserve your spot. 

  • Includes: Healthy snacks and wellness water.

One-Year Apprenticeship


Customized to Support each Unique Group

This program is for people who are already working to support others and are interested in exploring, in an open, collaborative and soulful way, the healing and growth potential of the horse-human relationship. All participants are invited to bring their own experience and insight to the program and to take part in refining the content to fit the needs and interests of those attending.

The program will have a maximum of 6 participants. If you are interested in applying to join the program, please contact Gloria via email ( or phone 509.876.1802 to request a prospectus.


Four Modules in 2019 - $1,500 per module
  • Register and Secure your place with a $600 deposit 
  • Max 6 participants


Module One held April 30 - May 4, 2019  

  • Foundations 

Module Two in June 5- 9, 2019

  • Communication and Relationships 

Module Three in October 2-6, 2019

  • Leadership and Community 

Module Four in April 16-20, 2020

  • Soul Work 


Discounts for Payment in Full:

10% discount - $5,400 paid before the start of the program

Payment arrangements available - schedule your interview with Gloria to learn more.



"In February of 2018, I made the momentous decision to join Gloria Lybecker’s Healing Herd program. I was called to work with horses and humans to promote healing, growth and learning. I went into the program hoping to find a community within which to connect, collaborate, explore, and grow around a common love of horses and personal development.


I can say without reservation that my hopes for the program were not only met but exceeded. I found a community that embodies a spirit of compassion, collaboration and co-creation. I experienced a safe container in which to be entirely myself, to be curious and to grow as a person and as an equine guided coach. I was fully supported and was able to support others in both personal exploration and an exploration of the field of equine guided education. The growth and learning in both areas were wonderful!


I have experienced a newfound sense of ease, hope and confidence. Since returning home, I am experiencing greater softness with my horses and new breakthroughs in my relationships with my teenage boys and with my husband. I have been given a powerful model of communication and relationship that is permeating my relationships and the way I move through my days.

After a year of incredible learning, growth and community, I have now graduated from the program and am moving on in my journey having gained so much. I've grown exponentially, both personally and professionally. I'm walking away with confidence and strength, a strong sense of purpose and clarity, and the skills and knowledge I need to grow and succeed in my new practice.

I'm grateful to Gloria for all the gifts of this beautiful program!"

- Sumaya Abu-Haidar, Colorado

In Person

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Crisis Services are available to those living on a limited income. 

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