About Gloria Lybecker

Hi, I’m Gloria Lybecker, founder of Healing You Sanctuary,

formerly Healing with Horses Sanctuary. As an Equine-led growth and healing coach and relational neuroscience communicator, I integrate somatic empathy, relational neuroscience and family constellations in my private practice and with my herd of 7 horses.


I love witnessing people:

  • experience that they make sense

  • learn simple ways to support themselves

  • stay in relationship with themselves and others

  • evolve from avoiding relationships or hiding who they truly are

I found my "path" through motherhood.

My youth was quite traumatic, and I stopped trusting humans at 14 years of age. Yet I love my 5 children and I was eager to stretch and grow myself to model a different way of being able to live this life. It's not been an easy path, yet so worth it.

All the "tools" and processes that I teach

are what I have learned on my own personal healing journey, beginning with my beautiful Morgan mare who stayed in relationship with me when I was 14. I do my best to embody a radically different way of being, and when I inevitably rupture a relationship, (because I am human) I invite a repair - that's where the healing happens, in relationships that are open-hearted, authentic, transparent and trust in the process of life.

I serve individuals, couples and groups

to live their passion and purpose and reach higher levels of well-being and contribution in the world, and have been in private practice 13 years, practicing as an educator/counselor/coach for over 20 years.

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I am inspired

to better understand what happens within humans that influences patterns of behavior and communication, especially when trauma impacts life. I am particularly focused on developing environments where one can feel safe enough to release patterns of surviving that have outlived their usefulness and begin to thrive in life. 

I use a holistic approach,

with sound therapy, essentially re-training the brain to become more efficient and effective, strengthening neural connections and performance, reducing stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. This can be beautifully combined with mind-body work, with or without the horses.

I enjoy partnering with my horses;

who support people as they heal from trauma, free themselves from anxiety and depression, and find their own soul gold - especially through the wild and potentially wonderful midlife passage.

I believe passionately in the importance

of learning more loving ways of relating to ourselves and others, and more flexible, authentic and effective models of communication and leadership in our families, workplaces, and communities.

I offer online programs and facilitate courses

to enable this radically different way of being accompanied to be accessible to all who seek it. I want ripples of this way of resonant relationship to go far and wide out into the world!

I am so passionate

about nurturing relationships with horses. They remind us humans who we really are and support us to step fully into our life purpose. I want more humans to discover (through their own experience) how to be more horse-like and live in the now. That where the juice of life is.

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Gloria has worked and co-facilitated programs with Sarah Peyton for over 12 years, she facilitates resonant language empathy, unconscious contract/sacred vow work, time travel empathy, equine journey sessions, and other constellations with horses to support growth and healing.  Gloria works with individuals, couples, families and groups supporting them to release patterns of surviving that have outlived their usefulness. Discover how to thrive in the present.  


You can participate in a variety of on-location workshops blending:
  • Nonviolent Communication  (NVC)

  • Relational Neurobiology 

  • Somatic Coaching

  • Equine-led Growth and Healing

Seeking community with other horse lovers, Gloria participated in an Equine Facilitated Learning workshop through Eponaquest Worldwide. Eager to increase her equine relationships she completed the Academy for Coaching with Horses certification in 2015-16 and the Advanced Facilitator certification in 2017.


Gloria met Ingrid Gunby, of New Zealand, at the Advanced Facilitator training and their shared passion for education and love of horses drew them together to collaboratively expand a different way of being in relationship, not just with humans, but with other mammals, particularly horses.  They weave the elements of nonviolent communication and interpersonal neurobiology in relationship with horses into a year-long Healing Herd program. This unique program explores the potential of the horse-human partnership in relationship, community, leadership and soul-work.


Gloria’s herd has grown over the years to seven majestic beings. Each has found their way to arriving uniquely, (from being rescued from slaughter to previous clients gifting Gloria with their beloved equine) the mystery of those journeys is enfolded into the experiential learning processes with the herd. Equine-led growth and healing programs enable you to learn about yourself and others by stepping into the knowing field in relationship with horses. Building an enduring relationship with another being is healing, especially with a horse large or small. All healing is relational.

About Ruth Crea

Ruth Crea, Graduate of The Healing Herd Facilitator Program and Director of Integrating Minds LLC, holds a Master’s in Education with a background working primarily with children and youth. Ruth taught in a private school for 9 years, and then homeschooled her two sons for 14 years.  


As an Advanced Integrated Listening Practitioner, she holds certification to administer the Integrated Listening Focus System, the Integrative Language Program, and the Safe and Sound Protocol.  ​

Ruth met Gloria Lybecker in 2011 and was introduced, through her own personal sessions, how to develop relationships of trust with the herd. In the process she experienced profound healing. Ruth advocates that past trauma does not need to define who you are. Healing is possible, you can change your patterns when accompanied in relationships grounded in trust. 


Ruth began volunteering at Healing with Horses Sanctuary in 2014 and has grown a deep love for each of the horses. She completed the EAGALA Equine Specialist training (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) in 2015, learning how to read a horse’s body language, including herd dynamics, to maintain and ensure safety during individual and group sessions. 


She went on to complete all the requirements of the Healing Herd Facilitator Program graduating in the spring of 2018. Ruth looks forward to welcoming you here, as our Flow Coordinator, where you will find a warm-hearted community you can count on for support.

Any questions you may have are always welcomed.
Crisis Services are available to those living on a limited income. To make inquiries, or schedule an appointment, contact Gloria today. 

Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spirit:

Become Aware of your Whole Being 

Our Mission

At Healing With Horses Sanctuary we are passionate about connecting horses and humans to support you to personally, and professionally, create the change you want to experience while restoring balance to your life.


Join Gloria to experience one-on-one or group Healing With Horses sessions, in the Spokane, WA area, learning easy tools to handle the day to day stresses which life can bring. 


Our Vision

Gloria's heart remains especially tender for those struggling to make sense of developmental and learning challenges. She is available to work in a variety of settings with you; businesses, schools, churches and family environments, you'll learn many supportive practices to develop effective skill sets.

I trust the more you learn before we begin our time together, the more you will
receive from the program and the deeper we can go into the learning and connection. 


If you are new to this type of work or the way of the horse, I request that you read:

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In Person

The Healing You Sanctuary is Located in Spokane, Washington


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Over the Phone

All Questions are Welcome.

Crisis Services are available to those living on a limited income. 

Healing You Sanctuary

Become aware of your Whole Being – mind, body, emotion, and spirit.


Gloria facilitates resonant language empathy, unconscious contract, sacred vow work, time travel empathy and other modalities to support growth and healing.

Email: Gloria@HealingYouSanctuary.com

Phone: 509-876-1802

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